As WW2 rages, at a time when unity and comradeship are more important than ever, a brutal murder has taken place at the local army base. Private Rosa Smith, Clerk to the Camp Commandant, Col Robert Leadbetter, has been found dead in the Guard House in the early hours of the morning.

She has been bludgeoned over the head with a blunt object.  A small suitcase full of her belongings lies at her side.

Private Smith was being held in the cells on suspicion of being a spy in the camp. Her trial by Special Investigations Branch was due to commence today.  It looks as though someone had unlocked her cell to allow her to escape.

What is the full story behind this grisly and most brutal slaying?  Was Rosa really a spy; who is responsible for her death, and why?  Do you have the necessary skills to investigate the suspects Colonel Leadbetter, a 20 year vet wounded at Dunkirk; Corporal Ruby Simpson, a broody clerk looking for a man or Captain Noel Weeks, the base doctor who may know more than he is willing to divulge!  Don’t forget his wife Ella and their daughter Estella, what are their roles in this dreadful tale …….  It is down to you to solve the mystery and ensure justice is seen to be served – are you up to the job?




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