The year is 1875. Thank you for agreeing to assist with the investigation into the death of Cherokee Indian, Black Beaver, wife of former Sheriff Hank Ketchum, who was tragically killed earlier today in Deadwood, North Dakota.

Black Beaver was found dead outside the family ranch. She had a wound in her back, the cause of which is as yet unknown. The exact cause of death is unclear at present. An arrow was found lodged in a tree beside her and a pistol with one bullet missing was found beside the river 100 yards away. The baby was found to be missing from the cradle inside the house.

All other suspects have been eliminated from our enquiries and I now leave you to question the four remaining suspects: former Sheriff of Deadwood, Hank Ketchum, husband of the deceased; Glory of the Morning, sister of the deceased; Miss Belle Starr, proprietor of the Ride ‘em Cowboy Saloon and the infamous Black Bill Hoyt.

Can you and your posse see that justice is done before the guilty party strikes again? Strap on your six shooters, shine your spurs and meet us at the saloon to begin your investigation!


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