Welcome to Casino Regale, glamorous hotel and casino, one of many Casino Regales,  which can be found in the world’s most important cities and exclusive resorts. The owners of the Regale Empire are famous entrepreneurs Ernst Blowfish and Kitty Banquette.
The Casino Regale Hotel is hosting the famous World Emissions Summit, which begins tomorrow, with many world leaders and eminent scientists in attendance. Dr Solomon Tempest has been invited to make the opening speech when the largest diamond in the world, the Regeneration Diamond, will be unveiled, a diamond with the power to repair damage to the ozone and stop global warming. There are also rumours that the famous clairvoyant Scarlet Talons is in town, but that is yet to be confirmed….

MI6 had one of their top agents staying at the hotel to protect the diamond from a suspected theft and also to investigate the kidnapping of two public figures who recently went missing from the hotel. Dr Chris Christensen Jr., cosmetic surgeon to the rich and famous, was kidnapped from his room two weeks ago, and veteran actress Elizabeth Gaynor went missing from the hotel casino just last weekend.

The agent, however, did not manage to accomplish his mission at Casino Regale and was found dead in his suite earlier. .

Will you succeed where MI6 failed? Do you thrive on danger, and have you chosen your team wisely?  Who can you trust when you need them the most?

Don’t forget your tuxedo, you don’t want to stand out now ….don’t you?






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