Mamma Mia!! Suzie ‘Agnetha’ Starr, member of the Abba tribute band, ‘Abbadabbado’ has been found dead in her dressing room.  The cause of death is as yet unknown but foul play is suspected. Murder, it seems, is the name of the game!

The suspects are her fellow band members Jim ‘Benny’ Baird, Viv ‘Frida’ Ashe, Pete ‘Bjorn’ Patterson and Jane ‘Agnetha’ Anderson.

However this is show business and the show must go on.  Expect an evening of Dancing Queens and Super Troupers, with classic hits to sing along to as Abbadabbadoo perform for our guests live!

We’ve sent out an S.O.S and we need your help! You are tasked with investigating Suzie’s death and ensuring that the truth is revealed! We can’t guarantee your safety but we can guarantee that the Winner will Take it All!








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