The year is 1922 and you are in New York – a gangster’s paradise. You are about to meet some intriguing and shady characters so be sure to take notes on everything you hear because there is no doubt that something sensational will happen tonight!

Join us at the owners Lounge, Brighton Beach Racecourse, Coney Island, New York, and meet the primary characters in this tale of romance, gangsters, and of course, murder!

At the centre of this saga we find Jay Cadsby, mysterious and reclusive millionaire, famous for his lavish parties and extravagant lifestyle….but how did he make his millions?

What is his connection to famous gangster Abner Wolfstein; you might remember him from the baseball World Series scandal of 1919?  Professional golfer Josie faker and Meryl Wilcox, married to polo player Bob Zuckermann also feature in our tale, but what roles will they play in the tragedy which will unfold.

Experience the 1920’s, dance the Charleston, and solve the case before it is too late!




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