It is 13th April 1912 and RMS Titanic is 3 days into her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York.

John Anderson, a ship’s engineer has gone missing, presumed to be overboard. He was on watch in the engine room in the early hours of this morning 12-4am and was logged out at 4.10am in the log book. It is now presumed that he has gone overboard and foul play is suspected. There is some evidence to suggest he may have been killed on board the ship before being thrown overboard- traces of blood have been found in the corridor, on deck and on the ships rails.

Officer in Command, Captain Edward J Smith has requested your assistance in solving this mystery and, if necessary, bringing the perpetrator to justice.

After eliminating all others, we have a number of suspects in this case.  These include first-class passenger and American millionairess, Mrs Dolly Browne; Chief Engineer for Harland and Wolff, Mr Charles Frackleton-Frey and his wife, Lucinda, and Lucinda’s brother, Mr Herbert Hawthorne, engineer at Short Bros.

You only have a short time to solve the case before the ship is due to dock in New York.  Best of luck with your investigation; hopefully with your skills it will be plain sailing all the way to a satisfactory conclusion!




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